What Does Cisco Do

25 May 2022 / By Linkadm
What Does Cisco Do - when Miodrag Ilic -PC visited Cisco Systems Headquarters in San Jose, California in October 2010

Cisco Systems, the popular company today in providing hardware and software for IT communications, has an interesting background story on how it was established in the first place. What Does Cisco Do?

It was founded by Leonard Bosack and Sandra (Sandy) Lerner.

The birth of this idea about creating a company carefully started when these two were boyfriend and girlfriend while both studying at Stanford University. After finishing their studies, they started working at the same university, where they did separate jobs and they were even married by this time (later divorced).

Bosack was chief of the research IT lab at the time, while Lerner was employed to maintain the computers.

Bosack found a way to link their respective computer networks using technology that other Stanford employees had devised in the 1970s. He wanted the couple to keep chatting while doing separate jobs in different rooms of the building.

He and Lerner came to recognize that the router technology, as it was called, could be adapted very profitably for large-scale use outside the university.

In December 1984 the two founded Cisco Systems, taking the company name from the city of San Francisco. The logo is based on the Golden Gate bridge.

They offered their ideas to multiple companies before creating Cisco but were rejected, resulting in them creating their own company.

What Does Cisco Do?

Today, Cisco is a household name when it comes to IT communication products, despite their founders’ ideas being dismissed by a multitude of companies.

What Linkom-PC do?

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Note: The picture was taken when Miodrag Ilic visited Cisco Systems Headquarters in San Jose, California in October 2010.

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