M&H Company from Sarajevo will implement the latest Cisco Systems MPLS solution

09 December 2017 / By Linkadm
M&H Company from Sarajevo will implement the latest Cisco Systems MPLS solution
Cisco MPLS equipment - ASR 9000 series routers
Cisco MPLS equipment - 7600 series routers

M&H Company from Sarajevo will implement the latest Cisco Systems MPLS solution

Using the Cisco MPLS (IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching) solution will enable M&H Company to become a next generation provider which can satisfy even the most demanding customers. This system, to be implemented by Linkom PC, enables easier setting up and controlling of peering connections between two or more locations.  This implementation will enable the M&H Company to become one of the providers  that offer end-to-end solutions and multimedia IP transport, with QoS (Quality of Service) and CoS (Class of Service) capabilities.

Up to now we have been very successful in offering standard IP connections based on up-to-date Cisco Systems® solutions, but now we’ll be able to satisfy even the most demanding requests form even the most ambitious customers.

Enes Hajdarević, president of the M&H group

M&H Company has been using the high quality Cisco Systems solutions for the last five years. As part of this latest implementation project, the system will now include full redundancy of all key components, as well as the move on to IPv6.

„Across the country more and more of our customers are demanding end-to-end connections, and , what’s even more important to them, a single point of contact – just one company, just one contact to turn to, as opposed to reaching out to multiple teams, departments and companies  to get in the end the kind of service we can offer”, emphasizes Ševal Bećirević, CEO at M&H company.

„This is a significant step forward for us. We will use it to develop new services and also enhance the quality of services to existing customers. All of this will enables us to reach new and ambitious business  users”, are the words of Adnela Hajdarević, Marketing and Sales Manager at M&H Company.

Miodrag Ilić, the Managing Director of Linkom PC, the company implementing this project : „Setting this up means a lot to us – it is a privilege and a huge responsibility. M&H group is the leading cable operator in BiH. This implementation will allow them to offer highly reliable services built on interconnections, including multicast, traffic engineering,and  load-balancing capabilities to their customers, which represents a step forward for the whole market.”

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